GDI Private Rotator System Overview

GDI Rotator System is an affiliate of Global Domains International and is operating a Sophisticated Traffic Rotator System designed to help you and others achieve financial freedom and to maintain that status by helping grow your team and your team's teams in GDI.

The business model we work accordingly is a network-marketing model, a team concept; each member has a personal team that GDI Rotator System helps grow and help you become free from financial difficulties allowing you to Work From Home on your spare time or earn a second income. There is also a Team Group Effort here where the members of the team help each other. This is the ultimate home-base business for anyone.

The concept this system operates is similar to what has been defined by the Great John Nash himself, each member works for him/her own efforts AND for their Team members:

"The Best for the Group comes when everyone in the group
does what's best for hirself AND the group.
― John F. Nash Jr.

We strongly believe that working as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is the right plan to follow in order to be successful.

In network-marketing there are some basic ground rules you need to follow in order to be successful:

Here at GDI Rotator System we identified Global Domains International as a company and as a service that meets all the above criteria.

Please browse our site, check out the vast amount of information about the services you get, the traffic distributions and also our Q&A section. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions, and if you decide to join, we will be very happy :-)

How Does The GDI Rotator System Work:

We operate a traffic rotator system that sends an equal amount of traffic to each of our members until each member receives at least 3 direct signups on their first level, we do the same to your personal team members 10 levels deep.
We insure that in case a member of your team quits from any reason, the system will identify this and will assign a new member instead, operating as an "insurance plan", guarantees yours and your team's success.

How is the Team Concept comes into play?

Each member needs to participate in the business and perform some simple activities to keep the teams running and ensure your new members are being successful as you are.

What you need to do after your initial setup is spend no more than 5 minutes every week to help the rest of the team and your team in particular.

Initial Setup:

  1. After you signup with GDI, the system will create a free account on this website and invite you to join for FREE (It will always be free).

  2. You need to confirm your email address and login to get to know the system.

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